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Wolf Tooth Singletrack Pogies

Wolf Tooth Singletrack Pogies
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Developed in the cold Minnesota weather, Wolf Tooth Singletrack Pogies handle the ever-changing winter weather while keeping hands warm.

- Easy hand access
- Adjustable cuff allows you to adapt the warmth of the pogie based on the weather conditions and how hard you are working
- With the cuffs folded down the hand opening flares open and provides coverage up to your wrist
- Velcro, snap, and strap cinch seal around handlebar and cables
- Patent-pending design with three distinct warmth settings: Warmest (cuff up, zipped up), Warmer (cuff up, zipper open), Warm or Singletrack Mode (cuff folded down)
- Waterproof and durable rip-stop nylon construction

- Fits most flat bars. The inner diameter of the handlebar should be between 17mm and 20mm. For most carbon bars and lighter aluminum bars, it is helpful to wrap a few layers of electrical tape around the plugs before inserting into the bars and tightening the screws.

Tech Specs
- Weight: 280g / 20g plugs
- Material: 420D Diamond Rip-Stop Nylon laminated with jersey and closed-cell foam. Fabric is waterproof but seams are not waterproof sealed.
- Includes: Two Pogies and two durable quick-disconnect handlebar plugs